Product name:Xylo-oligosaccharide
Use :Xylo-oligosaccharide increases bifidobacteria but not lactobacilli in human gut microbiota.
Xylo - oligosaccharide is very difficult for human body digestive enzyme decomposition: with saliva, gastric juice, pancreatic juice and intestinal liquid enzyme digestion experiments show that various digestive juices cannot decompose Xylo - oligosaccharide, almost all of its energy value is almost zero, neither affect blood sugar levels, also did not increase insulin in blood sugar levels, and does not form the fatty deposits, it can play a role in the low energy food, maximum limit satisfy those who love desserts and worry about diabetes and obese people, so a person with diabetes, obese patients and hypoglycemia patient may feel relieved edible.

The acid and heat stability of xylo-oligosomal ide is good, but it is difficult to fermenting. Compared with other oligosaccharides, the prominent feature of xylo-oligosomal ide is very good stability. Even when heated to 100℃ under acidic conditions (PH=2.5-7), it basically does not decompose, while some functional oligosaccharides are easily decomposed under acidic conditions, thus promoting the proliferation activity of bifidobacteria to decrease.


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