Application areas of Trolamine

1. Trolamine is used as an emulsifier, moisturizer, moisturizer, thickener and pH balance agent in cosmetics. It is used in cosmetic formulations to neutralize fatty acids with fatty acids and neutralize to sulfated fatty acids to form amine salts. Trolamine is a commonly used emulsifier in cream preparations. The cream product emulsified with Trolamine has the characteristics of fine cream and bright white color. In addition, the colloidal phase formed by Trolamine with higher fatty acid or higher fatty alcohol has good stability and stable product quality. It can accommodate a high proportion of external components. Trolamine is the most commonly used neutralizing agent for acidic polymer gels such as carbomer. Trolamine forms a stable polymer structure by neutralizing with the carboxyl group of carbomer to achieve thickening and moisturizing applications.
2. The addition of Trolamine to liquid detergents can improve the removal of oily soils, especially non-polar sebum, and at the same time improve the detergency performance by increasing alkalinity. And has excellent compatibility.
3. Trolamine is used as a curing agent for epoxy resin, with a reference amount of 12-15 parts (mass fraction) and curing conditions of 80 ° C / 4 h or 120 ° C / 2 h. It can also be used as a vulcanization activator for natural rubber and synthetic rubber, a polymerization activator for nitrile rubber, and as a lubricating oil and anti-corrosion additive. Trolamine's long-chain fatty acid salt is almost neutral and can be used as an emulsifier for oils and waxes.
4. Trolamine fat produced by the reaction of Trolamine with oleic acid is an important preparation component for corrosion inhibitors in the mechanical processing industry such as boiler water treatment, automobile engine coolant, drilling and cutting oil, protecting metal surface and preventing oxidation.