Pharmacological effects of Troxipide

Troxipide has an inhibitory effect on various experimental ulcer models. Troxipide can inhibit the effects of ethanol, water immersion stress, pyloric knot stress, reserpine, indomethacin, aspirin, blood loss, hydrocortisone and other induced ulcers. The anti-ulcer mechanism of Troxipide is mainly to promote the repair of gastric ulcer.
(1) Troxipide can promote the regeneration of gastric mucosa and the occurrence of collagen fibers at the bottom of the ulcer, thereby repairing the ulcer and promoting the healing of the diffuse ulcer.
(2) Troxipide can increase the blood flow of gastric mucosa, and its blood flow increase is stronger than that of the other anti-ulcer drug Acacia sinensis, especially the blood flow of blood-stained gastric mucosa and acetic acid ulcer edge.
(3) Troxipide activates the gastric membrane to increase the oxygen consumption and ATP content of the gastric mucosa, and activates the energy metabolism of the gastric mucosa, especially the mucosa of the marginal part of the blood flow, which is more effective. Strong.
(4) Troxipide normalizes the composition of gastric mucosa, increases the mucopolysaccharide content of rat gastric mucosa, and increases the secretion of 14C-glucosamine into the gastric mucosa, inhibits the reduction of glutamic polysaccharide caused by anti-inflammatory drugs or stress, and enhances gastric mucosa. barrier.
(5) Troxipide increases the prostaglandin content in the gastric mucosa, thereby enhancing the protective effect on the gastric mucosa.