Tylosin features

1. Significant anti-mycoplasmal effects
Tylosin has a strong inhibitory effect on Mycoplasma pneumoniae and various other mycoplasmas, and is the drug of choice for mycoplasma infection.
2. Broad spectrum of antibacterial spectrum
Tylosin has a strong inhibitory effect on a variety of Gram-positive (G+) bacteria, and also inhibits some Gram-negative (G-) bacteria, Curvularia (formerly Vibrio), and spirochetes, as well as anti-ball Insect effect.
3. Rapid absorption and excretion
Whether administered orally or by injection, Tylosin can reach an effective inhibitory concentration for a short period of time (10 minutes) and maintain a certain period of time. It is quickly excreted after stopping the drug and has almost no residue in the tissue.
4. Has good diffusion ability
Tylosin penetrates into all organs, tissues and body fluids, especially through the serosal membrane, blood brain, blood eye and blood testis, which makes Tylosin a wide range of clinical applications.
5. Significant growth promoting effect
Continuous low-dose feeding of Tylosin to livestock and poultry in the growing season not only prevents disease, but also significantly promotes animal growth, shortens the growth cycle, and improves feed compensation.
6. The specificity of use
Tylosin is a special antibiotic for livestock and poultry, avoiding the cross-resistance problem that is easy for humans and animals to share antibiotics.