Uosolic Acid application

1. Uosolic Acid is the basic raw material for the preparation of sodium fluorosilicate, potassium, ammonium, magnesium, copper, barium, lead and other fluorosilicate and silicon tetrafluoride. Used for metal plating, wood anticorrosion, beer disinfection, brewing industrial equipment disinfection and electrolytic refining of lead. Also used as mordant and metal surface treatment agent.

2. Uosolic Acid is used for the determination of barium. Separate barium and strontium. Electrolytic refining of lead and tin. Preparation of Uosolic Acid salt. Disinfect equipment.

3. Uosolic Acid can also be used as additives for some electroplating. Uosolic Acid or salt can be used for chromium plating. Uosolic Acid can activate the chrome-plating layer. After short time of power failure, the bonding force is almost not affected. Therefore, it is necessary to add Uosolic Acid in the roller chrome-plating. Uosolic Acid can reduce the current density of chromium plating, improve the coating coverage ability, but increase the corrosion of plating solution.

3. Raw materials of making Uosolic Acid and silicon tetrafluoride are also used in metal plating, wood anticorrosion and beer disinfection.