Pharmaceutical rejection API burden" to focus on stronger health services"

  Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the production of bulk drug for the main business, by the API periodic overcapacity, national environmental standards to enhance the impact of RMB appreciation and other unfavorable factors, the company‘s main product prices, sales have fallen sharply, profitability has suffered tremendously. The transfer of bulk drugs business-related assets, in favor of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to reduce losses, enhance profitability, the year 2015 is expected to turn around.

  In addition to improving the performance of the company, after this divestiture, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine will focus resources on the development of pharmaceutical preparations and production and sales, and relying on the resources of Peking University, Peking University and Peking University Health Science Center medical, strengthen internal management and integration, promoting the Healthcare Industry strategic layout.

  Statistics show that Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has long layout in the art of formulation, and from 2014 onwards gradually penetrate into the medical field services. First, the company has identified tumor characteristics to build the industrial chain of strategic direction. Currently in development, CommScope Reading the world’s first anticancer drugs disodium phosphate, has been marketed PSK intracellular glycopeptide class, 帕罗诺斯琼 other anti-tumor adjuvant and other anticancer drugs in development, on this basis, to build a production line oncology specialties. Meanwhile, the company and Beijing University Cancer Hospital, Cancer Hospital jointly set up a management company, and the acquisition of a new era at the end of last year the hospital.

  Thus, from the North have anticancer medicine research and development, production, sales, extends to cancer treatment Cancer Hospital and other service areas.

  In addition, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the distribution field of medicines and equipment have also been emerging. The company, a wholly owned subsidiary of North Hospital medicine has with Beijing University People‘s Hospital of Peking University International Hospital signed a long-term service agreements, the company’s annual report is also clear that the flow of traffic through the company‘s services, establish a benchmark, build reputation, build and hospitals service model long-term cooperation, to achieve expansion of business.

  It is reported that Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Beijing University Medical shareholders earlier this year, has in turn two tertiary hospitals Qilu Petrochemical, Luoyang East into the bag, there is now the North’s three tertiary medical integrated class hospitals and six specialist hospitals.