Great fusion boost medical health industry

  The Yaojiao Hui and after last year‘s forum is the National Federation of Chamber of Commerce and the pharmaceutical industry in Jilin Province successfully held the first session of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Health Products Fair in Northeast Asia and Northeast Asia Development Forum biomedicine, once again join forces to create a higher level, higher standards, more pragmatic brand event.

  According to reports, the second session of the Northeast Asia Pharmaceutical Health Products Fair total 480 standard booths, exhibition area of ​​10,000 square meters. Among them, the Provincial Federation of Industry assume 240 Foreign booth fluttering task, as of the end of July, the breeze task has been completed. Among them, 80% of the exhibitors are from the National Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Association member companies, most of the domestic pharmaceutical 500 enterprises, Chinese and foreign well-known large-scale pharmaceutical enterprises reached 25. By then, some of the extraterritorial pharmaceutical commercial chain enterprises, Chinese herbal medicine companies, health industry companies, medical equipment manufacturing enterprises will also be invited to participate.

  “480 booths covering the basic medical health of the whole industry chain, including raw materials, production and circulation of commodities, industrial parks, a large number of different industries, different areas of business will be participating, will greatly promote the integration of the province large pharmaceutical and health industry 。 ”Vice-province in the country 廷介绍 Federation, said:“ In terms of regional distribution of the number of exhibitors, the extraterritorial corporate business was essentially flat with the province for the province to pharmaceutical companies to learn from the industry’s business models, exchange and cooperation provided the Jedi good opportunity. ”

  Pharmaceutical Industry Association and the National Federation of Industry and Commerce will be held in 2015 in Jilin Province in Northeast Asia Pharmaceutical Joint Health Industry Development Forum, invite the National Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Association executive director of the unit is responsible for more than 80 people, the 2014 Chinese medicine hundred companies responsible for 50 people , Jilin Province pharmaceutical companies responsible for 50 people, and the pharmaceutical industry relevant leaders, experts and scholars, totaling more than 200 people attended the seminar. The forum will exchange, transformation, breaking the theme around the “new situation and tender policy changes to deal with the pharmaceutical industry in the face of”, “big health industry - how to follow up the implementation of the national strategy,” “whether generics business transformation Outlet ”and other cutting-edge issues in-depth discussion of the large pharmaceutical industry and the integration of our province health industry suggestions.

  “Northeast Asia Pharmaceutical Health Products Fair is by no means a purely pharmaceutical products trading fairs, it is more concerned about the health of the pharmaceutical industry on how to more accurately grasp the national policy in the new economic normality, to find the direction of development.” National Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry King Chamber of Commerce, the Secretary-General stressed the light, said: “Based on the strategic positioning of this conference industry, focusing on innovation and the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the latest in-depth interpretation of policies, to explore the opportunities and challenges facing the industry, exchange and summarize the transformation and upgrading of the industry at home and abroad experience and achievements. It echoed with the forum, aimed at the pharmaceutical industry colleagues to build a promotion, trade, exchange and learning on the big stage. ”

  In addition, during the exposition, the National Federation of the pharmaceutical industry in Jilin Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Commerce will be held pharmaceutical raw materials, ancillary materials and pharmaceutical product procurement will. There will then be invited to a higher visibility of domestic pharmaceutical commercial enterprises, chain drug stores, industrial enterprises responsible for the procurement project to Jilin visits, all-round butt from planting, raw materials, packaging materials, equipment, medicine, logistics, marketing and other aspects estimated procurement value is expected RMB 100.

  It is understood that to achieve tangible results for the protection of Events, the Provincial Federation of Industry and Chamber of Commerce will help the immediate public service platform to launch micro-channel real-time alerts, send event information in a timely manner to the Provincial Federation of member companies and organizations directly under the trade associations, product introduction, exhibitor information, to increase the volume of the exhibition, to enhance the show‘s influence.